Restore Your Future

The reported collapse of Dover Financial Advisers and the dire implications for McMasters’ Accountants and Advisors has been earth-shattering for SMSF clients of the group. Where there was once a plan for your financial future built with confidence there is now uncertainty.

What are some of your risks?

The implications are that SMSF clients of the firms will be unable to obtain financial, investment and risk advice from the group, including:

  • You are unable to discuss your investment portfolio to make any necessary changes.
  • You are unable to discuss your personal insurance to protect your income and your family.
  • You have a limited ability to discuss your financial year-end tax planning.
  • You cannot discuss strategies to maximise use of your SMSF.

Furthermore, you need to be aware that Dover Financial Advisers no longer provides its advice backed by the confidence of professional indemnity insurance to protect you.  Therefore you carry the risk!

The problems extend to a likely inability of McMasters’ Accountants to provide comprehensive solutions to SMSF clients, given financial services licensing is now a requirement for many functions accountants and administrators undertake for SMSFs.

What is the solution?

Holzworth Partners now offers our “Restore Your Future” service to clients of the former Dover Financial Advisers and McMasters’ Accountants and Advisers.

Holzworth Partners is an independent, privately-owned group which provides Accounting (incl SMSF), Taxation, Financial Advisory, Investment, Family Office and Legal services.

What is the “Restore Your Future” service?

Holzworth Partners established the Restore Your Future service recognising that some Australians have fallen victim (unintended or otherwise) to inadequate, inappropriate or inferior advice and servicing of financial and other advisers.

To Restore Your Future is to regain confidence that well-laid plans to build a confident financial future have been frustrated, through no fault of your own, and need ‘restoring’.

Under the circumstances of the reported collapse of Dover, we are extending our Restore Your Future service to clients of Dover and McMasters’, at no cost to you.

How do you access the “Restore Your Future” service?

Contact us at 1 300 009 888 to speak with one of our professional team who will detail how we can help you. Further information about the service is available on our website.

Remember, this service is complimentary and without cost to you.


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