Not all Accountants and Tax Agents are the same

Are you using the right person to handle your Accounting and Tax strategy needs?

One of the myriad problems many small-business owners face is not knowing whether the accountant or tax agent they are using is equipped to provide the advice they really need.  And it may not be until you’ve paid the penalty that it’s too late to find out.

Tax agents and some accountants tend to mainly focus on preparing the annual accounts and tax returns rather than providing advice.

“A true accountant, as well as preparing accounts and tax returns, also looks ahead and provides advice on income tax and other matters that assists the business owner to maximise their income while at the same time minimising tax.” (The Canberra Times May 29, 2018)

As a professional financial services group, Holzworth Partners provides tailored tax planning solutions to individuals, companies, trusts and SMSFs.  Drawing upon our team of accountants, lawyers and financial planners we:

  • Identify and manage tax risk before it becomes a problem;
  • Maximise opportunities as these present;
  • Minimise your tax exposure;
  • Take realistic tax positions; and,
  • Comply with all ATO requirements.

This means our tailored solutions to look beyond your tax needs and help you achieve your dreams.

Visit our website and read about the services we can offer you, your family and your business or phone us on 1 300 009 888.


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